International Symposium on Sports Injuries
Panhellenic Physiotherapists’ Association - Π.Σ.Φ.
Welcome Notes
Dear colleagues, From June 29 to July 2, 2018, a decisive step is taking place in our country to upgrade the profession of the physiotherapist to the level of athletic physiotherapy. The whole framework is part of the effort for the continuous professional development that the Panhellenic Physiotherapists’ Association (PPTA) has set as a goal. Specifically, the first level of the Athletic Physiotherapist's training program in cooperation with the Australian Association of Physiotherapy and the International Federation of Athletic Physiotherapy (IFSPT) begins with the administration’s aim to organize the program with its own scientific potential in the future. Additionally, on June 30, 2018, the Sports Injury Symposium will be held at the premises of the Olympic Committee with free participation for the members of the PPTA. This symposium will be held with the participation of members of the Executive Committee of IFSPT, who will meet in our country for the time being, in order to strengthen the efforts of the PPTA. Furthermore, we have the pleasure of the participation of prominent speakers from our country. I want to thank the Executive Committee of...